Everyday Globetrotter is a modern curated travel company that offers clients authentic and unique travel experiences.  We bring together travelers from all corners of the world to discover new cultures and allow for the creation of genuine connections. Whether you’re a millennial, professional, entrepreneur, creative or all of the above, you will find traveling with us a worthwhile experience. 

Our curated trips are designed to give you the most out of every destination. Every unique adventure will create a feeling of a deeper connection with the world around you.  We take care of all the heavy lifting, leaving you with the time to fully embody each experience. You can rest assured that our experienced Trip Managers and Local Guides will use their insight to help you realize the authenticity of each destination.

EDGT strives to make international travel easier, simpler, and less time-consuming. We provide affordable and unique international travel options for culturally immersive experiences. We curate authentic and impactful adventures that create memories for a lifetime.

EDGT aims to assist those who thirst for knowledge and a comfort in community, travel and creating new experiences. All of this in an effort to better understand ourselves and the world. EDGT inspires clients to imagine the unimaginable. With each trip we hope that each individual leaves having grown just a bit more in oneness with self and others, taking with them long lasting friendships and cherished memories.

Core Values

Respect and Love

With over 7 billion people sharing this planet, through travel and learning we can gain mutual respect.


We aim to be your partner in travel to ensure that you never travel alone again. We are your comrades in exploration of each unforgettable experience.


We only have one planet which we must take care of in the best way we can. We encourage and utilize the most environmentally friendly practices for our travel experiences.


What is the point of travel if you’re not enjoying yourself? There is never a dull moment when traveling with EDGT. Fun and learning are never in short supply.

Meet the Team


As an EDGT team member Kei is a key member of the business development and creative team responsible for development of business strategies, customer communication, hospitality services,  trip design and curation. Kei has a background in Biotech and Business with over 10 years of experience in both industries. She has been known for her ability to perfectly craft personalized travel experiences that cater to relaxation, self-care, adventure, entertainment, education and much more.

Joining EDGT in 2019 was a natural progression for Kei. She joined the company with the aim of enhancing the quality of one’s life and creating better understanding through travel experiences. She hopes to provide clients with insight into how to better utilize knowledge gained through cultural immersion experiences in everyday life. Kei’s love of travel was ignited in 2005 on her first international trip to her parent’s native country, Nigeria. Over the course of the past 15 years, Kei has traveled to over 30 countries for both business and leisure.  As a partner at EDGT, Kei will be instrumental in areas of customer relations, trip coordination, and establishing sponsorships and partnerships. 


As an Everyday Globetrotter (EDGT) team member Amanze is a key member of the agency’s executive team, responsible for driving growth and efficiency across all areas within the company. He has been working in the Biotechnology industry for the past 7 years as a Development/Application Scientist. Although he is relatively new to the travel & tourism industry, he has earned a reputation in his field for his ability to tackle complex challenges with an exceptionally high standard of integrity, in close partnership with his teammates and clients.

He joined the company with the aim of helping people step outside of their comfort zone and explore the worlds unknown. He experienced his first glimpse into the world outside his own, when his parents sent him to high school abroad in Nigeria. It was hard but it gave him insight into the different lifestyles that existed elsewhere. The sense of community and cultural balance helped shape him into the individual he is today.  He hopes to provide experiences that are not only fun, but allow the community to truly become culturally immersed in each destination.

As a founding member and Chief Operating Officer at EDGT Amanze will be instrumental in the construction and evolution of the company and play a leadership role in areas including client contracts and contractual compliance, finance, reporting, delivery, project management, production and information technology.