The number one question any traveler will get when they plan a trip, or return home from one, is “How can you afford it?” Everyday people have a range of financial responsibilities, and it can often feel as if there is no possible way to travel, but with the proper planning and execution it can be possible for almost anyone. We at Everyday Globetrotter know you can visit almost any country in the world for $2,000 USD. It does take creativity, sacrifice, and being intentional about everything you purchase. You have to put in the time to tracking flight deals or try out discount carriers like Jet Blue or WOWair. After getting the right flight price, there are five things that are important to most travelers: Accommodation type/comfort, location, price, types of activities, and purchasing souvenirs. In order to stay within budget, focus on three out of these five things, and you will see that your money can go very far! We have partnered with Certified Financial Planner, Jennifer Montgomery, to help you save the $2,000 you need for your next vacation – in as little as 12 months!

How to Save $2,000 in 12 Months

1.Decide that you can

To make anything happen, you have to set the mindset that you CAN and will! Although saving $2,000 in one year just for travel can sound intimidating but trust me, it is obtainable. If there is a will, there’s a way! Your thoughts lead to actions that will manifest the results that you desire. So, frame your mind of what you can do to reach your goal.

2. Autopilot your savings

When you are traveling, you hop on the plane and trust that you will reach the destination. Often times, the autopilot is carrying you along without notice to you. Auto-piloting your savings means automating your savings so that you don’t have to. It saves time, creates consistency and provides peace of mind knowing every pay period you are one step closer to your goal. It takes $167/month, $84 every two weeks to save $2,000 in one year. Set up a separate savings account that is not attached to an ATM card or savings app to set aside vacation funds from the rest.

3. Do more with less

When you are saving, it doesn’t mean that you have to cut out fun to raise funds. However, it does require creativity to think of ways to enjoy the things you love with less expense.

4. Leave the plastic at home.

To regulate spending, take cash instead of your debit or credit card. When heading to the mall or a night on the town, plan how much you want to spend, take cash and leave the plastic. You tend to spend more while using cards because you don’t monitor your spending as much.

5. Side Hustle

Don’t leave money on the table. Side hustles can help boost your travel savings to make sure that you reach the goal. Start a side hustle that doesn’t stress you but will pay you. Be creative and use your skills like hairstyling, writing, or whatever you’re good at that can be monetized to make money in your spare time. Consider utilizing apps such as Poshmark to sell old clothes and shoes. You get to knock two things out with one stone. Of course driving for Maven, Uber, or Lyft maybe an option.

6. Jump start your savings

You can heighten your savings with your tax refund. It’s the perfect time to set aside money for experiences that are waiting for you. $500 would be a great push towards being able to sip mimosas on a beach or enjoying adventurous excursions in almost any place in the world.It takes mindset and discipline to buckle down, spend less without sacrificing fun, and to not leave money on the table that could go towards such a rewarding experience of traveling to any of your place of choice. Jennifer is a Certified Financial Counselor who likes to find practical ways to help you reach your financial goals. She worked in finance for 5 years but now she is helping everyday people save, budget, manage debt and credit. She loves to travel, dance, community development and marketing. Check out her website or follow her on IG @iamjennifermo